Radiant Floors, Inc. has installed snow and ice-melt systems in areas as small as 200 sq. ft. and as large as 10,000+ sq. ft. We frequently install snow-melt in driveways, courtyards, patios, sidewalks, stairs, decks, wheelchair ramps, garage aprons, pool decks, and even dog runs. Whatever your needs are, we will make sure that the system we design meets those needs. Snow-melt is ideal for paver applications, steep driveways, stairs, north facing slabs, areas prone to ice, and for everyone who doesn’t feel like shoveling their driveway Monday morning before work. When the budget doesn’t allow for the entire driveway to be melted, we can design the system to melt a narrower strip or just high traffic areas. Snow-melt systems use a boiler to heat a water and glycol mixture and circulate it through Pex tubing in the concrete, asphalt, sand bed, or turf to heat the slab and melt the snow and ice. Radiant Floors, Inc. always recommends the use of an under slab insulation to ensure that the heat is only being used to warm the slab and not the ground underneath. Systems can be fully automatic, manually controlled, or both. 

Benefits of Snow and Ice-Melt:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Longevity of snow-melt surface
  • Perfect Solution for hard to plow areas
  • Clean – no more salting

Below are snow-melt systems that Radiant Floors, Inc. has installed.

This 600,000 BTU Laars NeoTherm boiler melts 8,000 sq .ft. of driveway and courtyard at a Cherry Hills Village Home. There is an additional 2,450 sq .ft. of front entry, walkway, dog run, & pool/spa area that is melted by a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 399,000 BTU boiler. All together the system has 9 zones and 15,400’ of 5/8” Uponor hePEX tubing. The system utilizes two Tekmar 670 wifi enabled snow and ice-melt automatic controls.

A Lochinvar Knight WHN 399,000 btu boiler melts 2,400 sq. ft. of Driveway, Courtyard, and Entry at a home in Littleton. The snow-melt system utilizes a Tekmar 665 automatic control. A Hot Dawg Modine 36,000 btu hydronic hanging unit heater is tied into the snow-melt boiler for the garage heat.

This 399,000btu Triangle Tube Prestige Solo ACVMax boiler melts a 2,400 sq. ft. driveway at a Castle Rock home.

We installed 4,350′ of 5/8″ Uponor hePEX tubing for 3,000 sq. ft. of Driveway, Front Deck, and Back Patio snow-melt at a Winter Park home. A Tekmar 654 automatically controls the snow-melt system and there are four zones. A Laars Neotherm 500,000 btu boiler heats the home.

This Raypak H-0330 334,000 btu outdoor boiler melts 1,575 sq. ft. of back patio at a Broomfield home. 2,500′ of 5/8″ Uponor hePEX tubing were installed in the concrete slab and Tekmar 654 controls the system automatically.

This HTP UFT 175,000 btu boiler melts 1,000 sq. ft. of Driveway and Entry of a Golden home. The system utilizes a Tekmar 664 for automatic system control.

A Laars Neotherm 750,000 btu boiler melts 4,000 sq. ft. of Garage Apron, Driveway, and Courtyard at a Greenwood Village home. The system uses a Tekmar 665 for automatic system control.