Radiant Heat

“I would like you to know how much I enjoyed your people being in my home.  They were very professional, polite, did their work without wasted time and in general were a joy to work with.  They cleaned up after they were finished and put up with my thousand questions.”

Mary A Patete

Why Choose Radiant Heat…

Most Economical

Thermostatically controlled temperatures of individual rooms or area. High efficiency, control options to save energy. Less transfer lost through piping than other duct systems. No ducts to clean, no filter to change.

Greatest Comfort

Even heat – no hot or cold spots. Individual room temperatures. Less humidity loss than other systems.  

Clean and Quiet

No distribution of dust, odor, etc. throughout the house. Completely silent operation.  


Heated water from the boiler is circulated through small piping to areas requiring heat. Heat is released evenly from the heating units to satisfy heating demand.  


System can be easily extended to accommodate additional living space. Cost efficient future system expansion.

Below are radiant floor heating systems that Radiant Floors, Inc. has installed. If you would like product information, please click on the highlighted text.

A Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 175,000 BTU boiler heats a 4,500 sq. ft. home and 800 sq. ft. garage for a total of 12 zones. An HTP SuperStor Ultra SSU-80 supplies the domestic hot water.

A Lochinvar Knight WHN155 boiler heats a 5,300 sq. ft. home in Larkspur. A Lochinvar Squire 82 gallon sidearm provides the domestic hot water. The home has 10 zones and 7,600′ of Uponor hePEX tubing. This home also has 1,200 sq. ft. of snow-melt melted with a Lochinvar Knight WHN 199,000 btu boiler.

Boiler Replacement: A Prestige Triangle Tube ACVMax 299,000 btu boiler heats a 5,000 sq ft home in Evergreen. The home has 8 zones of hot water baseboard. As part of the boiler replacement, all boiler piping and pumps are also replaced.

A total of 7,600′ of 1/2″ Uponor hePEX tubing was installed in this 6,500 sq. ft. home in Denver. The home is heated with a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo ACVMax 175,000 btu boiler and utilizes an HTP SuperStor Ultra 80 gallon sidearm for the domestic hot water. There are 12 zones.

This boiler room shows both a radiant heat and snow-melt system. The Laars Neotherm 750,000 btu boiler on the left melts 4,250 sq. ft. of Driveway, Front Sidewalk, and Back Patio of a Denver home. There are 4 zones that are controlled by an automatic Tekmar 665 snow and ice-melt control.

Boiler Replacement: The Lochinvar Knight WHN 199,000 btu boiler and Lochinvar Squire SIT080 sidearm replaced an original boiler and water heater. We installed all new piping and Grundfos pumps.

A total of 6,350′ of Uponor hePEX tubing is installed in a 4,500 sq. ft. slab on grade home in Littleton. The home is heated with a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo ACVMax 155,000 btu boiler and utilizes an 80 gallon HTP SuperStor Ultra sidearm. The home has nine zones.

An HTP UFT-100 boiler heats a 2,900 sq. ft. home and 600 sq. ft. garage for a total of 7 zones. An HTP SuperStor Ultra-80 sidearm supplies the domestic hot water. The Basement and Garage tubing are installed in the concrete slab. The Main floor tubing is installed on top of the subfloor in a lightweight gypcrete called Therma-Floor.