Meet the Crew

In the office:

Radiant Floors, Inc. was founded by David Strong in 1993. Dave has been in the plumbing and heating industry since 1974. Shortly after moving to Colorado in 1986, Dave was introduced to the Radiant Floor Heating industry and has never looked back. An avid golfer, fisherman, and long time workaholic, he is fortunate to have his son, Derek, around to take over the family business.

Derek Strong has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1994. While he started out running the crew installing tubing, he is now in charge of day to day operations and spends his days behind a desk bidding jobs, scheduling the crew, and working with builders and homeowners on their projects. If you have a hard time getting ahold of Derek in the office, most likely he is pursuing his passion of cycling.

Cindy Strong, part owner, keeps things running smoothly in the office. She has been an active participant in the plumbing and heating industry since 1981. While she has never had to put on a tool belt, Cindy is quite knowledgeable about radiant floor heat and snow-melt. Cindy performs billing, service call scheduling, and day to day paperwork fun. You’ll often speak with Cindy when you call the office, if she’s not working in her flower gardens or working out at the gym.

Sarah Strong helps ease the burden of Cindy’s task load.  She has been in the office (and occasionally in the field) since 2002, full-time since 2005. Sarah created and maintains the website, assists in Cindy’s tasks, and does the bookkeeping.

“We want to comment on the professional gentlemen that completed the work. They were a pleasure to have around and their work looks wonderful.”

Joan BonAnno

On the Job Site:

Chris Bruce has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1995. As “Brother-in-Law” to Cindy and Dave and “Uncle” to Derek and Sarah, Chris is more than an employee, he’s family. We managed to pry Chris away from his carefree job at Aurora Hills Golf Course and he is now an integral part of the company. Not only is Chris our Job Supervisor and Service Tech, he performs all aspects of the installation of radiant floor heating, snow-melting, and solar systems.

Thanks for your great service!! Chris is our boiler guru!!!

Kathryn Dudley

Thank You! Chris was a lifesaver!

John Wilson

Chad Lorenzen has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1998. Chad and Sarah went to high school together and stayed in touch afterwards. When Chad was looking for a job, Radiant Floors was a great fit. You will find Chad in the Mechanical Room installing the boiler and components. He also helps with tubing installation and service calls. Chad is very meticulous and takes great pride in his work.

Andrés Salazar has been with Radiant Floors since 2014. He has been in the construction industry since 2000 and has extensive experience in plumbing, remodeling, and maintenance. With his base knowledge and eagerness to become an expert in the trade, Radiant Floors couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the crew.

Patrick Ripe joined our crew in September of 2020. Chris has know Patrick since he was a baby and we’re stoked that Patrick found a good fit with our company.

Nick Rutherford started with Radiant Floors in August of 2021. He’s been a valuable addition to our crew.

Radiant Floors, Inc. completed a boiler change out project in a home in Genesee. The customer, Len, was someone who wanted to know the in and outs of his system. He had a lot of questions and both Derek and the crew spent time explaining his new boiler with him. Len also watched as most of the installation was completed. As his letter clearly shows, he was very happy with our crew. Thanks, Len for the great letter!
Dear Derek,
It’s my pleasure to acknowledge the professional work that the Radiant Floors’ crew provided in the installation of our new boiler and removal of the old boiler. First the older boiler was at least 500 lbs that had to be detached/dismantled in the basement utility room and hauled up the stairs to be removed from the house. The crew was very careful to not damage any part of the home (stairs, walls, carpeting, and doors) in this extremely difficult task for this removal.
Even more impressively was the installation of the boiler. The crew of three worked in unison as though the installation was a choreographed ballet. Each crew member anticipating the needs of the other, many times without asking one another for help. Working in a relatively tight utility room, the installation was done, with only one break for lunch, in a fashion that you and your company can certainly be proud of for their efficient and customer friendly service.
This is the second major improvement to our home in Golden (Genesee), Colorado. The first was the snow melt system for our front entry in 2009. The snow melt system is, to this day, still working as intended and we are very pleased with it’s functioning to melt the heavy snow falls that we experience at 7,400 foot elevation.
The latest installation of a new high efficiency boiler compliments our home improvements to not only add value to the home, but also to reduce our energy costs, such that over time, the new boiler will return the cost of it’s purchase.
My compliments to you and your crew for your professional business services. I am available for references should you so desire.

Leonard and Mary Pasquini