Meet the Crew
In the Office:
Cindy Strong, part owner, keeps things running smoothly in the office.  She has been an active participant in the plumbing and heating industry since 1981.  While she has never had to put on a tool belt, Cindy is quite knowledgeable about radiant floor heat and snow-melt.  Cindy performs billing, service call scheduling, and day to day paperwork fun. You’ll often speak with Cindy when you call the office, if she’s not working in her flower gardens or working out at the gym.
Derek Strong, part owner, has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1994. While he started out running the crew installing tubing, he is now in charge of day to day operations and spends his days behind a desk bidding jobs, scheduling the crew, and working with builders and homeowners on their projects. If you have a hard time getting ahold of Derek in the office, most likely he is pursuing his passion of cycling. His daughter, Drew, comes to work with him twice a week making the office of Radiant Floors a fun (and noisy) place to work. Lucy (shown in a bit outdated photo) is a big kid now and spends her days in school.  She gets her office time on holidays and summers.
Sarah Strong helps ease the burden of Cindy’s task load.  She has been in the office (and occasionally in the field) since 2002, full-time since 2005.  Sarah created and maintains the website, assists in Cindy’s tasks, and does the bookkeeping. Her daughter, Copper, is a regular at the office. (We apologize in advance for any kid craziness in the background when you call the office.)  
On the Job Site:
The Office Dogs: Melvin, Rocky, and Rudy
Note: Rudy passed away on March 22, 2012. She is greatly missed.
485 Moline St., Aurora, CO 80010
Ph/Fax: 303.363.8214
Chris Bruce has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1995. As “Brother-in-Law” to Cindy and Dave and “Uncle” to Derek and Sarah, Chris is more than an employee, he’s family. We managed to pry Chris away from his carefree job at Aurora Hills Golf Course and he is now an integral part of the company. Not only is Chris our Job Supervisor and Service Tech, he performs all aspects of the installation of radiant floor heating, snow-melting, and solar systems.
Chad Lorenzen has been with Radiant Floors, Inc. since 1998. Chad and Sarah went to high school together and stayed in touch afterwards. When Chad was looking for a job, Radiant Floors was a great fit. You will find Chad in the Mechanical Room installing the boiler and components. He also helps with tubing installation and service calls. Chad is very meticulous and takes great pride in his work.
Radiant Floors, Inc. was founded by David Strong in 1993. Dave has been in the plumbing and heating industry since 1974. Shortly after moving to Colorado in 1986, Dave was introduced to the Radiant Floor Heating industry and has never looked back. An avid golfer, fisherman, and long time workaholic, he is fortunate to have his son Derek around to take over the family business.
Radiant Floors, Inc. couldn’t ask for a better crew. They’re dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable, and hard-working. They each know every aspect of the systems that we install and can perform any task. Chris, Chad, Andrés, and Dom take great pride in their work and as our testimonials show, our customers truly appreciate having this crew working in their homes.
Andrés Salazar was hired in March of this year. He has been in the construction industry since 2000 and has extensive experience in plumbing, remodeling, and maintenance. With his base knowledge and eagerness to become an expert in the trade, Radiant Floors couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the crew.